Pen and watercolour sketch of Malvern Priory

Pen and watercolour sketch of Malvern Priory

This is one of my favourite views of Great Malvern town. Looking across the amazing jumble of rooftops that make up the precincts of Malvern Priory. We only moved to Malvern in the last year (2017) so I was keen to make a start on sketching, just as soon as I had...

James B

Super impressed with your work.  Not only with the  speed at which you have accommodated our needs but the interpretation of the site based on photographs and descriptions alone and without even visiting the site. Rest assured we will be using you again and referring...

Mark A (Senior Architectural Technician)

I was out of the office all afternoon but opened my inbox this morning to a fantastic set of watercolours. Thank you as always, I think these will be a great asset in conveying our concept to the local authority.

Sami M (Developer)

Thank you very much for the illustration and it was wonderful dealing with you. I have no doubt I will be in contact with you in the near future.

Ben M (Architect)

Thank you for sending through the final image. Myself and my client are extremely pleased with the result and feel it will be a valuable addition to the planning documentation. We really appreciate your efforts with this and are rather envious of your artistic...