Pen and watercolour sketch of Malvern Priory

Pen and watercolour sketch of Malvern Priory

This is one of my favourite views of Great Malvern town. Looking across the amazing jumble of rooftops that make up the precincts of Malvern Priory. We only moved to Malvern in the last year (2017) so I was keen to make a start on sketching, just as soon as I had finished knocking our house into shape! But as it was November and cold I could do no more than draw the outline in pen and colour wash it in on my return home. It’s not just me being cold that was the problem, but watercolour just won’t dry out in the cold which makes it tedious and usually spoils the result. It would be nice to do a studied watercolour of the scene but I think I will always like the freshness of the direct sketch from life better.


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