Sketching in Malvern Town Centre

Sketching in Malvern Town Centre

A bright but very windy Saturday drew me out with my sketchbook, not with a group this time but on my own for a bit of sketching. However familiar places are to us in our own home town, they transform in our minds when we start to sketch them and we see them afresh.

Malvern Library 9 Mar 19

I drew this with a fountain pen filled with non-waterproof ink. Adding just water to it created the half-tone wash, which although not very controllable gives a certain life to the sketch! It was so windy and to me this comes out in the drawing.

Malvern Library Cafe 9 Mar 19
Retreat into the Library Cafe to warm up, and do a sketch in soft pencil and soluble pencil for half-tone.

Malvern Theatre 9 Mar 19

With the sun out I found a corner to tuck into, out of the howling gale, and enjoyed doing this pen and watercolour drawing, almost a cartoon, of the Theatre entrance.

Cafe Nero Malvern 9 Mar 19

And finally on the way home at Malvern Link I stopped to draw a view that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. It’s only a quick watercolour impression, simplifying as much as possible what seems like a very complicated scene. The atmostphere I was after? Blustery.

Hampden Road Malvern Link 9 Mar 19