Painting Water and Bridges

Painting Water and Bridges

This is an unusual subject for me – a bridge on Exmoor, (but do you know which one?) It’s a famous one, and very old. I was commissioned to paint this as a birthday present for someone. I used burnt sienna as a base wash behind much of it which gives it the reddish wintry look. The beech leaves on the ground and in the distant trees seemed to demand it.

The trees were entirely moss covered and green, so no burnt umber or real browns in the painting. Instead Paynes Grey to darken trees, and also to darken the water. So the ‘warmth’ of the colours come from warm blues and grays instead of browns and ochres.  This adds to the more wintry feel of the season than a summer view would give. Sorry about all that technical stuff – but unusual colour scheme for me, but I enjoyed painting it!

Now I’d like to go for a long walk there with my wife Gill & dog Truffle!

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