Chipping Campden in Snow

Chipping Campden in Snow

The recent snow has inspired me to paint a number of snowscenes, and in this depiction of the Almshouses in Chipping Campden, I am revisiting a scene I have painted before. This is partly to contribute to an ‘Artist’s Guide to the Cotswolds’ on which I am working, and hope to finish in a month or so.

It will be a sort of souvenir guide, but instead of photos it will have paintings and line drawings, as well as my own personal commentaries on the towns and villages. It’s an exercise in concise English as there are so many places in the Cotswolds which must be included. I have not put any figures in this picture, as I wanted it to be serene and uspoilt, like the snow before anyone has appeared and messed it up with footprints!

Cotswold Paintings and Watercolours by Chris Fothergill

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