Cotswold Guide

An Artists guide to the Cotswolds


Product Description

An Artist’s Guide to the Towns and Villages of the Cotswolds.

Written and illustrated by local artist Chris Fothergill.

This guide book is quite unique. You are invited by Chris to take a meandering tour of the Cotswolds with him ‘for the simple pleasures of the spirit’. Along a delightful route he will share with you his enthusiasm, local knowledge and of course his sketchbooks and paintings. Containing around 70 illustrations over 36 pages the guide is compact in size (A5) but rich in inspiration.


Put aside any thought of getting a Cotswolds guide other than Chris Fothergill’s. Not only does he tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about the area but he brings it to life – lays it out like a feast before our eyes – through a bravura display of watercolours.

Once again, we see that there is nothing like painting to convey the real character of a scene. Hats off to Mr Fothergill!

James Fleming.


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