Watercolour painting of the Worcestershire Beacon in Winter

Watercolour painting of the Worcestershire Beacon in Winter

The Malvern Hills provide endless possibilites for the landscape artist. I have focused upon architectural painting for so long that I feel rusty when I take my paints to the landscape. Having done some watercolour sketches on the hills last year I wanted to do a painting in the middle of winter but it’s hard when it’s really cold and windy. And even worse when a watercolour wash is still not dry after 20 minutes it’s almost impossible out of doors in February!

So I did this painting in the studio having been out there the previous day looking at the view. I may have overdone the blue tints as it looks rather severe but that’s what it really was like, and surprisingly green despite the season. The deep shadows were from the afternoon light and some cloud shadow.

I’m looking forward to revisiting the same view in the early summer!

It is looking from Perseverance Hill across the Wyche cutting with Summer Hill just in front of the Worcestershire Beacon, the town of Malvern down to the right.

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