A watercolour painting of Campo SS Giovanni e Paulo, Venice

A watercolour painting of Campo SS Giovanni e Paulo, Venice


This is a view I have painted before, but never taking in such a wide panorama. It was done during a quiet break from my commercial work, in March 2018. I was longing to do something for myself and revisit Venice so I did so in my mind for a few days and produced this studied watercolour.

It is one of the great ‘stage set’ views of the world and one that Canareggio couldn’t resist either. But in this I have tried to capture the scene as I remember it. There was a boat with a team standing and rowing forwards, pausing as a gondola is about to come under the bridge ahead of them. And a man with a camera on a tripod. I don’t know why, I’m just the artist. It may not be completely correct but it’s not a commissioned painting so I’m happy enough to have enjoyed the experience! It can live in my studio and remind me of past travels.


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